Professionalism mixed with fun

I remember the awkward feeling at my wedding of having everyone important to me from my past and present in the same room at the same time. 

I wanted everyone to have fun but how could that possibly happen given the wide generational gap in the room? 

My style is to engage with your crowd, bring them together, and motivate them to feel comfortable to let loose and celebrate with you. 

Worlds are Colliding 

My goal is to bring the room together so everyone feels comfortable to get out on the dance floor. 

Many many years ago, during a wedding where I was dancing, singing, and getting the crowd hyped, the DJ pulled me aside and told me I should seriously look into doing this for a living.  

Fast forward to today, I have my own business where I get to do what comes naturally to me.  My personality is genuine so you know on your wedding day what you see is what you get. 

How I Got Started

"Everyone raved about how great the music was and how much fun they had."
—Christina Z

I create an environment of fun

Because I will help plan out your entire reception and will keep your night moving all night long. 

I will engage with your guests throughout the night to keep the energy going. 

I will play the music you like and will mix in and out of songs during the right moments to make sure people stay on the dance floor. 

How am I any better than Spotify?

"We were originally considering a Spotify playlist for our wedding and are so glad we booked DJ Mike instead!"

Hannah B

I want to create a night you will remember for years to come with your family and friends.  Most importantly, I want the night to be a reflection of your style and taste. 

This is why I work with you to create a list of your top must plays and do not plays to ensure the evening is suited for you. 

I do not play from a pre selected playlist  and I will absolutely take requests from your guests where appropriate. 

Music that Suits You

I play music that spans generations so no one feels left out and everyone  has a great time.  Engaging the whole crowd and making people feel comfortable is my speciality and will go a long way into making your night a success. 

All Guests Have Fun

Want a DJ who will keep the flow of the night going? 

Nervous about having a long first dance where people are starring but still want to capture the moment?  

Worried if you spend too much time on formalities your guests will get bored? 

Don't worry...I got you covered.  We can still pick that perfect song and cut it short so your photographer can still capture the moment. 

Keeping the Night Moving

More About DJ Mike

I enjoy spending my time at my cabin doing all things outdoors, home brewing, and working out to keep me sane. 



I live in Windsor WI with my wife Amy, daughter Abigail, and our two labs Rosie and Bucky.   We stay busy through the year with  my daughter's soccer and basketball games, and enjoying our cabin in Northern Wisconsin.  



At the end of the night I like to check in with my couples to make sure everything went okay.  I then change into some comfy clothes, take down, and drive home to enjoy a late night pizza. 

Closing Time

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Take the first step and set up a discovery call with me today and start planning a reception for you to remember for years to come. 

I can't wait to learn more about your day


A Wedding DJ who does more than push play. 

Madison, WI